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  • The Cocktail Hostesses

    The Cocktail Hostesses


    Their jobs get them the tips. They get the rest after hours.

    Featuring such timeless classics as:
    - Mouth to Butt Resuscitation
    - Don't Bogart That Joint
    - Low-Hanging Fruit
    - Shag Carpet
    - Tickling the Ivories
    - Human Sintipede
    - She Works Soft for the Money
    - A One-Mistress Man

  • Life Partners

    Life Partners


    It opens with a mildly amusing traffic altercation. To discuss it in any greater detail would risk spoiling the only decent moment in the film.

    LIFE PARTNERS tries really hard to be a comedy. It fails really hard at being a comedy. It's aggressively, painfully, and relentlessly unfunny. Most of the characters are annoying and unlikeable from the start, but there are a couple of them that I actually wanted to like until I was finally beaten into submission by…

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  • Big Hero 6

    Big Hero 6


    As is the fashion for animated films in recent years, BIG HERO 6 is preceded by a short. FEAST is a cute yet meaningful and multifaceted story about a man's progression through early adulthood as experienced by a dog, and in particular a dog's stomach. Dog lovers are almost certain to eat it up, along with just about everyone else.

    And then there's BIG HERO 6. This feels like Disney's answer to THE LEGO MOVIE, but it's so much more…

  • The Manitou

    The Manitou


    One of the best roles Tony Curtis ever played. Almost certainly the best role Burgess Meredith ever played. The best thing ever for people with a fetish for small Native Americans with incredibly well-defined muscles.