Favorite films

  • Private Secretary
  • Scherben bringen Glück
  • Cabaret program No. 1
  • The Girls from Atlantis

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  • Dracula 3D

  • Girl Missing

  • Jenifer

  • Red Line 7000

Recent reviews

  • Dionysus in '69

    Dionysus in '69


    "No more false rituals! We want the real thing!"

  • Do You Like Hitchcock?

    Do You Like Hitchcock?


    More late Argento wackiness. Not much style left by now, and as far as it pretends to be a thriller the writing is ridiculously bad. Yet for the most part it is just charming as hell. A film that starts with lanky nerds trying to chat up hot female Hitchcock fans at the video store, and everything else just develops from there ... how can one not love this? Especially with the wonderful cast... Pretty funny, too, how these video…

Popular reviews

  • Deep Blue Sea

    Deep Blue Sea


    sharks below, fire above. this is cinema.

  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    This is so dull and witless - every attempt at a joke that tries to move beyond "nazis are evil but also stupid" falls completely flat - that it took me some time to realize just how terrible it is even beyond its unappealing surface. Turning Hitler into a clown is in itself no reason for moral outrage. But installing Hitler as a dematerialized, ahistoric metacinematic gadget while at the same time positioning Elsa as the bearer of historical truth,…