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  • Sergeant Rutledge

    Sergeant Rutledge


    One detail in the train scene early in the film: While getting to know each other, Constance Towers's Mary and Jeffrey Hunter's Tom are standing in the middle of one of the compartments of this rather un-trainlike looking train. They are facing each other while being aligned perpendicular towards the direction and movement of the machine. When the train suddenly breaks they should, according to the laws of physics, stumble parallel to the movement of the train, and also parallel…

  • The Other Sister

    The Other Sister


    Whatever obscenity there might be in Lewis and Ribisi playing disabled characters is completely diminished by the objective obscenity of the uber-waspy upperclass setting. Not to speak of the obscenity of Marshall's musical cues.
    This is (not unlike the other rather few Marshall's I've seen) a completely shameless film. But also an interesting one, with a lot of quirky ideas. The close-ups of isolated flying objects during the first wedding, the sex cutaway to the fish bowl (and brass music!),…

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  • SPL 2: A Time for Consequences

    SPL 2: A Time for Consequences


    Best action film since TIME AND TIDE. Which would've been a perfect title for this one, too. Or why not go full-blown heideggerian: SEIN UND ZEIT...

    (Also: Best telephone movie since Walton's WHEN A STRANGER CALLS.)

  • Salt and Fire

    Salt and Fire


    there's no crazy like herzog crazy.
    "this is the mother of all diarrhea" [creepy bernal heading for the toilet, never to be seen again]
    if all herzog films are also meta herzog films, this might be the first time the meta herzog film devours everything else completely.