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  • Disco Fieber

    Disco Fieber


    Hubert Frank's gloriously delirious DISCO FIEBER is the german GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933. Or at least, the closest german cinema could ever, after germany's own 1933, come to GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933. When GOLD DIGGERS can be described as a film which acknowledes the reality of the depression, and by way of this very acknowledgement somehow overcomes it, DISCO FIEBER manages to do the same with and for (west-)german provinciality.

    And it does so, again just like GOLD DIGGERS, by…

  • Show Girl in Hollywood

    Show Girl in Hollywood


    I`m still not sure quite how much and why I like Alice White, but she does have a supreme sense of style and one thing I do adore even more is her dancing. Her elegant, but relaxed, almost a bit negligent movements are far removed from the athletic style of precision dancing which dominants most american musicals. White`s dancing always feels like a by-product of her subjectivity first, and part of a choreography second (if at all).

    The third of…

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  • SPL 2: A Time for Consequences

    SPL 2: A Time for Consequences


    Best action film since TIME AND TIDE. Which would've been a perfect title for this one, too. Or why not go full-blown heideggerian: SEIN UND ZEIT...

    (Also: Best telephone movie since Walton's WHEN A STRANGER CALLS.)

  • Salt and Fire

    Salt and Fire


    there's no crazy like herzog crazy.
    "this is the mother of all diarrhea" [creepy bernal heading for the toilet, never to be seen again]
    if all herzog films are also meta herzog films, this might be the first time the meta herzog film devours everything else completely.