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  • Face



    A film that realizes that the statement "everyone's an artist" doesn't constitute a promise but a threat, or rather a curse, because it means that in the end everyone's hidden in the echo-chamber of his or her own artmaking. (Which explains why the scenes with Leaud are the film's strongest parts: he has both the biggest echochamber and the least restraint in making use of it.) It also means that in the end, sex is just another performance piece.


  • Hiroshima 28

    Hiroshima 28


    A Hongkong film set exclusively in Japan, and telling an almost exclusively Japanese story with only one chinese character: a reporter interested in learning about the legacy of the atomic bomb dropped over Hiroshima in 1945. Patrick Lung plays this soft-spoken reporter himself, signaling his personal commitment to the humanist venture the film is clearly ment to be. The main part of HIROSHIMA 28, however, consists of a dense family melodrama centered around two young women brought up as sisters…

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  • SPL 2: A Time for Consequences

    SPL 2: A Time for Consequences


    Best action film since TIME AND TIDE. Which would've been a perfect title for this one, too. Or why not go full-blown heideggerian: SEIN UND ZEIT...

    (Also: Best telephone movie since Walton's WHEN A STRANGER CALLS.)

  • She's Funny That Way

    She's Funny That Way


    just another example of what's wrong with movies these days: birdman getting raves while this one's hardly getting noticed... kathryn hahn is a goddess.