The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

Sometimes I wonder what the directors and screenwriters of the golden age of cinema would think about modern movies.

But with this film in particular comes that doubt into my mind with a simple answer: "this is it" probably they would think.

Wes Anderson blends his style with the wonder, amazement and charming feeling of watching a movie for the first time, and by watching I mean when a movie it's capable of represent in the public the whole panorama of emotions that we as humans are capable to feel, to watch a movie and find a part of ourselves but not by a relatable situation, instead, for the mere connection with some characters living in a world so far but with the warm feeling of home.

The thing is, I'm not only amazed with the acting or the cinematography, but with the whole body of work, if there's a thing considered a movie as a concept, this is it.