Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy ★★★★

A New Years resolution of line was to watch more classic movies which I haven't seem before. Tonight I got to see Midnight Cowboy.

This film is always on lists of must see films. I didn't disappoint. Hoffman (Ratso) and Voight (Joe) are a joy to watch. The latter being a little naive having decided to move to New York.

They're both broke and they live in rather squalid conditions. It's all about the small highs which is perfectly illustrated in a scene where both Ratso and Joe are trying to keep warm in their room. They're both stamping their feet on the spot while listening to the music on a radio. Ratso does a little dance. Doesn't last long but it gets a giggle before he starts coughing again. Poor Ratso.

Great film.