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  • From the Dark

    From the Dark


    looked nice, great set up, not much in the way of pay off. some nice gross outs. pleasant rural horror, if a little underlit. light is a plot point here, but it was so fun in places I had trouble paying attention.

  • A Man Alone

    A Man Alone


    a fine and serious western, full of good actors. Raymond Burr and a young Lee Van Cleef. Like other Milland directed pictures, it's serious and sober. Introspective and full of complex characters. Not your average "good guy/bad guy" 50s western. Worth your time if you like Milland.

  • Ford v Ferrari

    Ford v Ferrari


    this was fine, I guess. Mangold is no Ron Howard. Ray McKinnon was fantastic and should be in more movies. I love Matt Damon but he shouldn't play southerners.

  • The Angry Red Planet

    The Angry Red Planet


    Pretty standard AIP space horror. As always the chopped together "stock footage into a back story" is masterfully edited. A little plodding and not the most likeable Cormanish cast but perfectly fine.