My Soul to Take ★★★½

Nuttiness abides in My Soul to Take, Wes Craven's loopy and delightfully old school slasher which takes an already convoluted premise involving a serial killer, multiple personalities and soul possession and then proceeds to go completely off the rails with it in the most entertaining way possible.

The first 5 minutes set the movie up perfectly, an amazing ode to the unkillable killer as a group of cops and EMTs seemingly shoot and capture a brutal murderer multiple times as he continually rises up and attacks again.

From there, the movie changes gears into a slightly more conventional teen slasher but the gleefully weird moments of insanity still continue to pop up: the main character and his best friend will inexplicably start mirroring each other in a scene, a creepy school presentation about a condor ends with the school jock covered in fake feces and every mirror looked into typically shows the last killed character aimlessly floating around and waving to the camera.

The last act is disappointing, with the final 20 minutes constrained to a single location which the movie then has to struggle to bring all the remaining characters to, but it's built up such a weird energy that you're willing to go along with everything it throws your way.

It's an easy movie to write off but it's so much fun to see a 70-year old Wes Craven make a completely bonkers old school slasher. It's far more satisfying to simply go along with its wackiness and enjoy it as the fun popcorn horror movie it is.

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