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  • Heat
  • Oblivion
  • The Day After Tomorrow
  • Runaway Train

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  • Top Gun

    Top Gun


    Say what you want about Top Gun, but Tony Scott was a goddamn painter with his camera.

  • Alien



    We all understand what we're dealing with, don't we?

    A perfect film. Its cinematic perfection is only matched by its iconic legacy. We admire its timelessness. A classic, unclouded by narrative detours, non-descript characters, or pseudo-philosophical nonsense.

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  • Crimson Tide

    Crimson Tide


    "We're here to preserve democracy, not to practice it."

    In a long and illustrious career full of distinguished and acclaimed performances, the role of a submarine commander in a Jerry Bruckheimer-produced thriller seems like a minor footnote for a legend like Gene Hackman, but I'd argue it's up there amongst his finest work.

    Captain Ramsey is an old-fashioned hardass and could've easily been a clichéd villain. But Hackman imparts him with enough nuance that he becomes an intriguing counterpart to…

  • Ant-Man



    "Why do they always have to go bigger?" (Dr. Ian Malcolm)

    Ant-Man is such a delightful little movie. I hadn't watched it for a couple of years and was pleasantly surprised by its low-key stakes and charming story.

    I had also forgotten that it's one of the best looking MCU films. There's a warmth to the color palette that's so pleasant to the eye. They also did some rather interesting things visually with the tiny version of Ant-Man. Somehow they…

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  • Dune



    Well, that wasn't very good.

    Dune collapses under its gargantuan ambition. Denis Villeneuve builds a world so stupendously large in every frame, and yet he spectacularly fails at creating space for his characters to exist in. There isn't a single character that has more to offer than mere surface level traits. Without proper introduction it feels like we are thrown right into an ongoing story. Despite being littered with clunky exposition - and dialogue so wooden it would give Christopher…

  • Logan



    Initially my expectations for this movie weren't that high. I'm not much of a fan of the X-Men franchise and I do find the first two Wolverine solo outings particularly bad. What got me on board were the trailers. They left me with the impression that this actually could be an interesting film. Also I like Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, and director James Mangold has made two films, that I really like a lot. Identity, and Cop Land where…