Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

If you want a Snyder zombie movie just watch his Dawn of the Dead remake, for all intents and purposes a far superior film.

Oddly enough, Army of the Dead feels less like a Snyder movie than his recent works. Lately he's been incessantly whining about how WB doesn't appreciate his efforts for them (well, all of them underperformed at the box office, so why would they?), therefore I fully expected Army of the Dead to be an unbridled showcase of all his idiosyncracies. But it's not. Other than some lazy music cues and surprisingly little slow motion, this feels like it could have been directed by any journeyman director out there. Most perplexing to me was the boring-ass cinematography, something no Snyder movie before could be accused of. Well, maybe he should've left it to a pro instead of doing it himself.

A zombie heist movie set in Las Vegas featuring a zombie tiger should be glorious fun, which Army of the Dead most certainly is not. Instead we got a trite father-daughter-redemption story set in a post-apocalyptic grey rubble, when all it needed to be was Ocean's Eleven with zombies.

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