Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★½

After enjoying the campy silliness of Batman & Robin, I was hoping that I might like Batman Forever also. That hope was utterly crushed as soon as Jim Carrey's name popped up in the opening credits. I hate his comic shtick. I fucking hate it. Always have, always will. His fucking imbecilic grin and all his other fucking moronic mannerisms enrage me far beyond any reasonable measure.

Tommy Lee Jones on the other hand, I am a big fan of. Alas his farcical overacting was only slightly less annoying than the fucking crap Carrey was doing. Imagine me mentally projectile vomiting whenever both of them appeared in the same scene. The horror. The horror.

Which is a shame, because Val Kilmer is a rather decent Bruce Wayne, actually probably the best of the Burton/Schumacher era. But as they say, a hero is only as good as the villain, so unfortunately Batman Forever fails him miserably. Look, Jones and Carrey are doing exactly what was asked of them, and if that works for others, that's fine. But I'd much rather gouge my eyes out before I ever watch this again.

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