Margot at the Wedding

Margot at the Wedding ★★½

I love movies about dysfunctional families. Of course Noah Baumbach, never one to shy away from self-important wankery, has to get in the way of me simply enjoying deeply flawed characters antagonizing each other and screaming at each other.

They say write what you know, which would mean that Baumbach lives in a bubble full of annoying douchebags, because that's what most of his characters are. None of them resemble actual human beings I've ever met. If such insufferable assholes indeed exist, which they most certainly do, I'm glad to never have crossed paths with any of them.

Typically I am not one who's bothered easily by characters not talking and/or behaving like an actual person would in the real world, but Margot at the Wedding is so far up its own ass that the artificiality becomes fucking infuriating.

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