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  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    When I say that this may be the greatest fictional film to directly deal with the production of a film, you probably need to know that the only film it reminds me of is The Stunt Man.

    Getting a film off the ground has a momentum. While the people who make films are correctly correlated with an army, in many of the pluses and minuses (not as much killing, though at least a small percentage of PTSD occurring in as…

  • Utu



    Essential viewing. Complicated and fractured, Murphy's masterful film jangles like the nerves of a culture riven by warfare and blood vengeance. Viewing the remastered Utu Redux is a revelation, & I am genuinely surprised that this has not been picked up by the likes of Criterion or Masters of Cinema, as it easily stands alongside the many well recognised classics born from colonised countries.

    It is a war film with heavy flavourings of the western genre, at times going into the…

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  • Night Has a Thousand Desires

    Night Has a Thousand Desires


    Jesus Franco's Something Weird.

    Also very Uncanny. Each scene is a kind of short film, each almost entirely independent of meaning even within the context of the larger narrative. Highly humorous, deeply serious yet heartily ridiculous. A gothic timewarp that recalls Franco's Succubus, now older & with no need for grand statements or standing, just a weirdo with the deepest love & need of cinema.
    Franco is one of the rare Euro exploitation/genre filmmakers whose best work is not amongst his most…

  • Two Female Spies with Flowered Panties

    Two Female Spies with Flowered Panties


    Hanging out at Uncle Jess's seriously spaced out jazz lounge for the Adults Only Matinee. It's a helluva vibe.
    Would make a delightfully subversive & complicated double with Daisies.
    Franco's casual relationship with focus continues to deny & mock the male gaze. It never goes out of focus during nudity though.... Not without seeming intent, at least.

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  • Surviving Edged Weapons

    Surviving Edged Weapons


    A jewelled crown of paracinema, a prize that was never meant for mere mortals, Surviving Edged Weapons comes to us from a golden age of violence & silliness. It was a police training video, created for a professional elite to educate & enlighten. How a man jiggling at the speed of danger, hips flexing & thrusting, was meant to train a police officer in the ways of self defense remains a mystery. There are many mysteries surrounding this film, such as who the…

  • Phenomena



    Phenomena truly is a berserk film. Few films so desperately require a time out, & yet I never wanted it to stop. Atonal rhythms of nature. There are rotting things hidden in those sweet, green, rolling fields.