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  • Professor Hannibal

    Professor Hannibal


    Zoltán Fábri deserves greater attention. Even a supposedly minor work such as PROFESSOR HANNIBAL demonstrates the incredible talent of these Hungarian filmmakers. The film gradually drifts from being a traditional comedic school film, with oafish yet bombastic headmaster, pranking boys, & kindly intellectual teacher. This section is hilarious, & is perfect Sunday matinee with the grandparents material. It then begins to slip, as the kindly teacher finds his thesis misrepresented & the whole country begins to turn against him. Set amidst the fascist…

  • American Honey

    American Honey


    You can see the beginning and end of civilisation from here.

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  • Surviving Edged Weapons

    Surviving Edged Weapons


    A jewelled crown of paracinema, a prize that was never meant for mere mortals, Surviving Edged Weapons comes to us from a golden age of violence & silliness. It was a police training video, created for a professional elite to educate & enlighten. How a man jiggling at the speed of danger, hips flexing & thrusting, was meant to train a police officer in the ways of self defense remains a mystery. There are many mysteries surrounding this film, such as who the…

  • Phenomena



    Phenomena truly is a berserk film. Few films so desperately require a time out, & yet I never wanted it to stop. Atonal rhythms of nature. There are rotting things hidden in those sweet, green, rolling fields.