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  • Cherry 2000

    Cherry 2000

    The only thing that makes this film stand out is that it finally solved the eighties problem of female representation and misogony. How? By making literal robots of the female characters that are subjugated to the males, without emotion or unique identity. Which is to say, it isn't solved at all, but at least it added to the general flatline experience of this film. It quickly becomes apparent that the whole function of this film is to represent a boring,…

  • Deep Cover

    Deep Cover


    Deep Cover has the boiling intensity and eclectic details of a Samuel Fuller or a Larry Cohen, restlessly shifting positions as it finds a path for its characters within a minefield. This is the kind of film which is all too easily described as having an inconsistency of tone or presentation. No, director Bill Duke is rolling this material through his fingers like a well practiced dime, gleefully tossing it to his primed performers at just the right moments for…

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  • Surviving Edged Weapons

    Surviving Edged Weapons


    A jewelled crown of paracinema, a prize that was never meant for mere mortals, Surviving Edged Weapons comes to us from a golden age of violence & silliness. It was a police training video, created for a professional elite to educate & enlighten. How a man jiggling at the speed of danger, hips flexing & thrusting, was meant to train a police officer in the ways of self defense remains a mystery. There are many mysteries surrounding this film, such as who the…

  • American Honey

    American Honey


    You can see the beginning and end of civilisation from here.