Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★★½

Ask yourself if your opinion has anything to do with your age or your gender.
Ask yourself if your opinion might be significantly different if you were placed in a perspective that was closer to the lived experience of the creators of this film or the people who do praise it.
Ask yourself if your use of 'woke' is at all helpful to any kind of discourse.

I love the beautiful little corner of horror that is Black Christmas'd.
No sequels. Two 'remakes'. All brilliant in their own, unique and different ways. Each digging into nerves and twisting them, jangling shit up.
I found this film to be immensely stressful for the majority, and then a wonderful joy ride of catharsis and community. I love that Takal went low-gore to keep the rating down for younger women to be able to engage with it. We got enough brutalising gore in Morgan's Black Christmas to last 20 films.
Chill the fuck out, go sit down, and be sure to shove your absurdly low rating right up your arse.

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