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  • Dog Star Man

    Dog Star Man


    this was really good while drunk and eating taco bell. i dont know what the fuck happened

  • Child's Play

    Child's Play


    like if an abortion was a fever dream adapted into a 90s made for tv movie

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  • Contact


    katya zamolodchikova is holding me at gunpoint to watch this

  • My Suicide

    My Suicide


    this is every boy in high school who you were pity friends with cause hes weird and into the same nerd shit as you and he kept hitting on you and youd be like "im a lesbian" and hed get really upset and be like "no girls even like me and the only girl i like will never like me....i should just kill myself" because he literally expects all women to be his mother pixie dream girl like shut up take a shower and get a job at applebees and leave me alone