Breakfast on Pluto

Breakfast on Pluto ★★★★

Oh, I'm not a boy, sir, I'm a girl.

Ok so, I didn't expect to genuinely kinda love this? I was kinda expecting it to be a cliche, trans misery movie but while it did have it's depressing and sad moments, it's mostly uplifting, heartwarming and genuinely sweet. It almost feels like a fairy tale at times. While I wanted a Trans actress to play the main role, Cillian Murphy did a pretty good job. Though again, casting a Trans actress for the role would've added alot more to the film, and that's what I think about any movie that casts a cis actor as a trans character. Thankfully it treats it's trans character in a very sympathetic manner and the amount of determination they have is just beautiful. It doesn't focus on dysphoria or how she feels about her body but rather just lets her express her transess unapologetically. She just is who she is whether people like it or not, which I find fucking euphoric to watch. I loved it so much. And had a great time watching.

(Also that scene when she's talking to him on the swing gave me full on Paris, Texas vibes and it was amazing)

Also letterboxd please change the movie description to something with her correct pronouns. I don't care if it's the official one.

Edit: Wow the description actually changed fuck yes! Lmao

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