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This review may contain spoilers.

"You break the rules and become the hero. I do it, and I become the enemy. That doesn't seem fair."

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was just crazy. This was definitely one of my most anticipated movies of this year, and I think it did live up to my expectations for the most part. I was really looking forward to this movie because of the fact that Sam Raimi directed it, and because it was marketed as an MCU horror movie. And if you ask me, that was definitely the best part of the film. This is easily the darkest and most violent MCU film to date. There were actually some pretty creepy and intense moments, even for a PG-13 movie. I really loved the fact that this movie really did go for it. And I will just say that the Scarlet Witch vs. the Illuminati fight sequence is definitely up there amongst my favorite battle scenes in the franchise. It was just so intense and brutal and I loved it. Sam Raimi really directed the hell out of this film. This is definitely one of the better looking MCU movies. It had great effects and visuals, just like the first movie did. And on the subject of that first movie, I think this film fixed a lot of the issues I had with that one. I think this movie made Christine a much better and more interesting character, and I think she did a good job of playing into Doctor Strange's arc in the film. Also, this movie actually had a good villain. Making Wanda the villain I think was the right move. Although I do think her turn may have been a bit sudden from where we last saw her in WandaVision, I still really loved her in this movie. It might be Elizabeth Olsen's best performance in the franchise. You really do feel for her character and you understand why she is doing what she is doing, even though she is clearly wrong. I also really liked the arc for Doctor Strange in this movie too. I think in some ways, this movie did fix the one big issue that I had with No Way Home, because this movie really does show that Steven's ego is his biggest weakness. It was a very interesting way to take his character and I was all for it. I know that there has been some criticism toward the character of America Chavez, but if I'm being honest, I really didn't mind her character. She is definitely a plot device character, but I do think the movie does flesh her out in some ways to where you do sympathize and care about her. And just in general, I was glad to see an MCU movie that was actually different and unique. And unlike Eternals, this was a risk that I think actually paid off. Oh, and finally, while this is not really a cameo movie, I will say that I was super happy to see Mr. Fantastic and Charles Xavier in this movie.

When it comes to issues that I had with the movie, I do think that the second half of this movie is better than the first half. I did like the first half, but it definitely did feel a lot more like standard MCU stuff compared to the second half, where it goes a lot more Sam Rami. There were also some moments in the script that did feel a bit rushed to me such as Wanda's turn or America being able to control her powers. I think a little more time could have been developed for some of those moments. And finally, this is definitely an MCU movie where there is multiple things that you do need to watch in order to fully understand everything that is happening. I could definitely see a lot of more casual Marvel fans maybe being confused by this movie if they haven't seen things like WandaVision or Infinity War and stuff like that. But those issues aside, I had a blast with this movie and I cannot wait to watch it again. I'm not totally sure where I would rank it on my MCU list as of now, but hopefully after another watch I can add it. But I do highly recommend checking this one out in theaters. Though younger audiences should definitely proceed with caution.

Also, sorry that this review is late. I've been pretty busy the past few days with college finals. But that being said, I am now finished, so I will be making an update here very soon. But I hope you all have been doing great.

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