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"You’ll get your rent when you fix this damn door!”

Well, now we get to some of the more "interesting" Spiderman films to talk about. It all starts with Spider-Man 3. Now as you can see by that rating, I do have a slightly different opinion on this movie than a lot of other people. Though this movie definitely does have several issues, I don't think it's as bad as a lot of people say. And here is why:

Well, I guess I'll start out with the negatives first. For one, almost everything involving Venom was so poorly handled in this movie. Now I don't hate emo Peter and I'll explain why that is later. However, the character of Eddie Brock was so dumb in this movie and Topher Grace was not good casting. His character was so cheesy and annoying. He does have some motivation but it is not very strong. And Venom is literally only in this movie for the finale and that's it. It was so obvious that Rami did not want to put Venom in this movie. Thank you studios for messing that one up. And then also, this movie is just filled with so many dumb choices and decisions in order to progress the plot. A few examples of this would include Harry's amnesia plotline, the scientists thinking the change in mass is just a bird, Harry disappearing from the coffee shop out of nowhere, Harry's butler waiting forever to tell him that his father died by his glider, and several more. Then of course there is the infamous emo Peter dance number. I honestly don't know what anyone was thinking when they decided to put that in the film. Like, who thought of that? Finally, the movie does struggle to maintain all of it's stories in a cohesive way. That's just what happens when studios get involved I guess.

Well, I guess now it is time for me to defend this movie a little. Now the thing I like the most about this movie is that I think all the characters here (aside from Venom) are all still very good. Toby Maguire continues to crush it as both Peter Parker and Spiderman. I love his ark in this movie, as for a while he is getting caught up in his own ego and becoming selfish. As a result he begins to make dumb decisions and neglect his girlfriend. This eventually leads to emo Peter. Now while the dancing scenes with him are still dumb af, I don't hate the idea of emo Peter. I think it was a great way to show how letting your ego get the best of you can lead you down a dark path. That scene in the club where he hits MJ was so sad as Peter finally realizes just how far he has gone. This leads to his ark and him making up with all the people he previously wronged due to his mistakes. Continuing on with the characters, I think this might be the best that MJ has been in the trilogy. Throughout the whole movie she is struggling to find a job and make a living for herself. She just wants support from her boyfriend, but she feels like he isn't there for her anymore. You sympathize with her a lot and she is so much more likeable in this movie compared to the last one. Also, I actually really like Sandman in this movie. He is a character who you understand why he is going down his path. He just wants to be able to help his daughter get better and he also has regrets for things he has done in the past. The last scene with him when he is talking to Peter was very powerful and just shows how he has basically lost everything aside from his daughter. Then finally on characters, we have Harry. Now while his story has a few missteps, I still think his character is very good. He starts off just wanting to avenge his father because he loved him. Once he realizes he was wrong, he decides that he is going to throw his mistakes behind him and forgive his old friend. And the way that they ended off his character was just perfect. Now moving away from the character side though, the action continues to shine in this movie. My favorite is probably the Peter versus Sandman fight in the train tunnels, but I think all the action is good here. I actually think this movie does have the best climax of the Rami trilogy. Seeing Harry and Peter team up and restore their friendship was so cool. It also ends with some very emotional moments with the talk between Sandman and Peter and then of course Harry's death. And finally, the themes here I think are all great. The themes of forgiveness, making the right choices, and not letting your ego control you are all themes that I think this movie handled very well even despite the messy execution some of the time.

Oof, this was a long review lol. Though I do feel like it was necessary in order to explain myself. Cause as I said before, while this movie does have a lot of issues, I do think it is better than it's given credit for. I would say 2/3's of this movie are great while the other 1/3 is kinda bad. Which makes for an overall decent film in my eyes. It is a little disappointing that the trilogy couldn't close out on a stronger note, but for what we did get, I think there is still a lot to like here even with the several bad things this movie does. Overall, I do recommend Spider-Man 3. I think it is an entertaining time. And it's certainly better than the next two films I'll be talking about.

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