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  • Waves



    Narratively and stylistically, Waves is a far cry from Shults’ polarizing It Comes at Night as it tackles the burgeoning plight of an African-American family as seen mostly through the eyes of two teenage siblings. Barring how viscerally-inclined a bulk of the film is, the situational and emotional platitudes at play throughout refrain from breaking new ground in favor of delivering something personal and powerful. Aspects like the patriarchal suffocation of Tyler’s (a fantastic Kelvin Harrison Jr.) individuality “for his…

  • The Nightingale

    The Nightingale


    Coming off of The Babadook I REALLY didn't expect Jennifer Kent to fuck me up considerably via this harrowing demonization of the British colonization of Tasmania at the start of the 19th century. A lot of this is a bit much (especially the first 45 minutes to an hour) but Clare's resilience in the face of mental degradation a la PTSD and obvious physical hardship makes one hell of a sprawling revenge tale. Ultimately thrives despite the aforementioned gratuitousness and makes up for any frustration caused by whatever inanity thwarts our Clare and Billy throughout.

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  • Atlantics



    This is startlingly singular in its artistry and I for one had no idea what to expect as things got decidedly ethereal, but there's a lot to love here. It's just ambitious enough to not overstep in approaching more basic commentative and emotional threads the way Diop does throughout the latter half.

  • Angst



    #1 of Hooptober 6: Dizzle's Dead - The Not-So-Final Nightmare

    Both aesthetically punishing and marvelous, the erratic masochism perpetrated throughout is complimented by Angst’s overall presentation as narration paints a startling picture of true psychopathic intent. A solid and steadfast dissection of an individual’s trauma-warped psyche that’ll stick with me for sure.