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  • Johnny Mnemonic

    Johnny Mnemonic



    The godfather of cyberpunk William Gibson adapting his own gonzo short story here, all of it ceaselessly drenched in that analog retro futurism of the times that's appropriately mirthless and technophobic in the sense that information overload (320GB to be exact!) can literally kill you. Wacky, almost literal 'Net surfing with archaic tactile elements accessible via VR headset and a requisite pocket of anarchic resistance fighters intent on reestablishing the bygone status quo round things out…

  • Transit



    Petzold miraculously takes a WWII novel about mistaken identity in Nazi occupied France and plops its content into a sort of dystopian present, employing insightful recollective narration in spurts to give us the full range of Georg's thought processes, worsening emotional exhaustion and moral conundrum. Plays out as something straightforwardly suspenseful as the threatening potentiality of Georg's exposure looms, German forces remaining ever-poised to invade on the outskirts of Marseille before transitioning into an increasingly ill-fated almost love quadrangle as…

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  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    Undeniably messy and misanthropic as it embraces ironically nihilistic throughlines regarding the unsavory nature of humanity in a specific time and place as a fictional pre-Vietnam microcosm of societal dysfunction and depravity. As Campos' first larger-budget ensemble outing, there's indeed the aforementioned messiness but this rests firmly in his wheelhouse as something obviously dour and godless, and to be honest, he kinda knocks it outta the park. If you wanna watch pretty people looking ugly-ish and absolutely not practice what…

  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    Truly more than just a tropey and saccharine "meet the family" holiday-set romcom with a coming out twist, remaining very thoughtful, affecting and funny in equal measure despite broader strokes of the latter. Obviously harps on the problematic importance of outward appearance over truths and our true selves, Harper and Abby's conflict remaining familiar only in that Harper's closeted as the narrative goes on to maintain a considerable amount of personality and authenticity of the escalating scenario threatening their relationship.…