Lamb ★★★

Similar to Pig in that simple, titular inference and scenario purposefully mislead in service of similar thematic subtextuality and heft (grief et al.), but absolutely, objectively dissimilar in that this is a slow-burning, folk horror-lite yarn that shouldn't work but does. Fantastical allure of the child's inception and appearance are rendered gimmicky, and it's clear that her existence is only integral in elevating the gloomier human drama with this patently out of left field power move. Important to note that the most of the shot comps here are out of this world but DP Eli Arenson couldn't have asked for a more easily exploitable setting, and I have to admit that 2009 me would've given the whole shebang 6 out of 5 stars and made the poster image my FB profile picture just so people could ask me what the hell it was, for what it's worth.

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