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  • Super 8
  • The Descendants
  • Almost Famous
  • Good Will Hunting

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  • The King of Comedy

  • Killers of the Flower Moon


  • Saltburn


  • Sideways


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  • Lucy



    Let us never talk about this again.

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Remember seeing the trailer a few months ago. Missing wife story didn't seem all that standout. Trailer looked like it gave every plot point away.

    Somehow hadn't clocked it was a Fincher movie.

    Sat down expecting a half decent movie. Got an absolute mindf*ck. Fincher at his intense, deceptive and visceral best.

Popular reviews

  • Speak



    Powerful yet understated performances all around and a good film.

    I wish Kristen Stewart would return to low budget films like this and Rileys - she's hugely underrated when she's in these roles and away from playing the 'heroine' role of those wretched Twilight films and Snow White.

  • Walled In

    Walled In

    Yeah not sure why I watched this one. I guess I figured I hadn't seen Mischa Barton in a while.

    It's at least a little different and the central conceit is somewhat interesting, but the whole thing is ridiculous and the acting is pretty awful.