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  • U Turn

    U Turn


    I had fond memories of watching U Turn many moons ago, but didn’t remember just how great it was until this watch. Oliver Stone has taken the same frenetic aesthetic used in Natural Born Killers and applied it to a much smaller film, essentially a single location pitch-black neo-noir. The results are spectacular. If a darkly comical descent into Sean Penn’s personal hell, backed by a vintage Morricone score, doesn’t appeal to you, you may need to check for a pulse.

  • Purple Butterfly

    Purple Butterfly


    A good film, with a great one crying to get out. Unfortunately many of its strengths are hindered by a few fatal flaws that prevent this from being a masterpiece. The beautiful cinematography perfectly matches the films somber tone, and the strong performances from the leads are amongst the highlights to take away.  It’s just a shame that the plodding pace is in no way justified, some of the editing leaves much to be desired, and it fizzles out at the end. Nonetheless, an intriguing, if somewhat depressing, tale of love, loyalty and betrayal that is worth a watch.

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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    Schrader’s restraint here is impressive, and clears the way for the sober tone this weighty material required. Beautifully shot and complimented by magnificent performances all-round, First Reformed is sure  to leave an impression, and fuel an abundance of post-viewing rumination and discussion.

  • Climax



    Noe is in fine, inimitable form once again, and in this case he wears his influences on his sleeve. Special mention must be made of the exhilarating dance numbers, one choreographed and the rest improvised. Watching the talented cast captured in their movements by the always on point Benoit Debie was simply breath-taking. Viva Le France.