Little Women

Little Women ★★

I had a gut feeling before watching that Little Women was going to do nothing for me (I have a strong aversion to period dramas and romance films in general) but felt obligated to give it a shot due to the ecstatic reception it has received from almost all quarters. It’s been decades since I read the book (which I recall being fond of, at least), but was disappointed to see this version latch onto and amplify the matters of least importance to the literature. The non-linear narrative wasn’t an issue in and of itself, however it did expose how little opportunity there was to add anything of any value at all to yet another adaptation. There are clear points of differentiation (not least of which being the time periods) between various iterations of A Star Is Born (another beloved perennial), but all we are really presented with here is an opportunity for Greta Gerwig to play an expensive game of dress-ups with a group of her peers, none of whom find themselves challenged by the material in the slightest. It’s the easiest of short putts, but even still I felt Gerwig misjudged the line. It is force-fed comfort food, which quickly loses its appeal when it’s poured down the gullet bucket by bucket. I’m glad so many found themselves sated, but unfortunately the meal wasn’t to my taste.

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