The Way Back

The Way Back ★★

It’s hard out here for a Tinsel Town A-Lister. Consider Ben Affleck, once a Miramax Golden Boy, leading man, Oscar-winning writer, and a lauded director of a Best Picture winner, no less. If you believe everything you read, you’d be convinced that Ben’s been having a tough time of late, the last 5 years being particularly troublesome. The struggle is apparently so real that The Way Back is being pegged as his own personal redemption story, his resurgence, his…way back, if you will. I’m not exactly sure how far a ways back he is supposed to be coming, considering this half a decade includes a few appearances as Batman, another directorial feature, and a handful of starring roles, but apparently a Sadfleck meme and tabloid pictures of a bad back tattoo are enough to persuade the general public that someone’s life is in tatters. Whilst this perception may not exactly reflect reality, it certainly adds some much needed flavor to the narrative around a film that would otherwise be completely unremarkable.

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