Upgrade ★★★½

It’s been wonderful to see Leigh Whannell’s rise from resident Recovery film critic to writer and director, and Upgrade, his sophomore directorial effort, is his biggest and boldest statement yet. It’s a trashy but fun piece of sci-fi body-horror revenge exploitation, amongst other things, and whilst hardly being perfect, none of the flaws prove fatal.

Logan Marshall-Green plays the unlikely ‘hero’, his atypical presence servicing the film. He proves more than up to the task of a leading man role, handling both the physically and emotionally demanding aspects with aplomb. The rest of the cast don’t quite flex the same chops, but in this B-movie environment it’s not too much of a concern.

The action is a blast, with some great camera-work and gorgeous set-design and lighting on hand to enhance. The score is equally fantastic, a modern homage to some of the great sci-fi soundtracks of the 80s. There’s also a couple of surprisingly gruesome moments that endeared me even further to Upgrade... I’m a sucker for some decent schlock, and this film delivers.

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