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  • Raw
  • Antichrist
  • The Babadook
  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence

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  • Minions: The Rise of Gru

  • Tombstone


  • 13 Assassins


  • A Perfect World


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  • Minions: The Rise of Gru

    Minions: The Rise of Gru

    I mean, anything was going to be a masterpiece compared to the first Minions film…..

    Once again, it’s baffling how good the cast is for a movie such as this!

  • Tombstone



    Thoroughly engaging and supported by excellent performances from the lead cast, Tombstone is the cornerstone of modern Western cinema (although it is almost 30 years old, it is far more modern than the films of Ford or 50s/60s spaghetti westerns). Where some westerns can feel somewhat boring and overlong, Tombstone uses its 114 minute runtime perfectly, and never fails to entertain.

Popular reviews

  • The Forgotten Battle

    The Forgotten Battle


    There are brilliant elements to this film, but each is pieced together so incompetently that it fails to tell a coherent story. There are simply too many characters that we are asked to care for, and where I understand that the filmmakers were attempting to show the different perspectives of the giant clusterfuck that was World War II, the synthesis of the stories wasn’t great, and some did not land how they were clearly intended to. It’s never really sure if it wants to be brutally realistic or melodramatically sentimental, and this creates a jarring discrepancy in tone, emotion and ultimate impact.

  • There's Someone Inside Your House

    There's Someone Inside Your House


    Another day, another weak attempt from Netflix to be another Scream or another I Know What You Did Last Summer. I also think the writers came up with the title before writing the actual film…

    The horror elements of this film surprisingly aren’t terrible. Even though the first scene contains a mild jump scare, these peter out to give way to more calculated scares without the incessant screeching sounds, and there were some creative kills that resonate with classic slashers like Friday the 13th to boot. 

    This isn’t awful, but it’s another to add to Netflix’s (extremely large) catalogue of forgettable films.