Enola Holmes ★★½

‘Enola Holmes’ is at best a fairly straightforward, average teen film, carried by a fabulous cast full of regrettably bored performances, with the exception of that of Millie Bobby Brown, who brings at least some level of enthusiasm to her role as the titular character.

Brown’s narration throughout seemed of little importance, as where it was used in previous iterations to delve into the mind of one of literature’s most engrossing characters, here it’s merely used sloppily as a tool to provide exposition in order to move its narrative forwards, and make the odd remark in attempt of humour. In a similar sense, the film tried many times too many to break the fourth wall - be this to evoke emotion or connection with audiences, or for comedic effect - and promptly fails with each attempt.

The screenplay for this film seems as though it could have looked compelling on paper, but in effect, took the form of a large, messy, convoluted narrative that thought itself more intelligent than it was, and disregarded the intelligences of audiences in the process. Very little has any impact whatsoever, and the film simply falls short in many respects.

This is not a boring film. There are aspects that were enjoyable, and those that are easily criticised, but overall, this film is not terrible, and not unwatchable. I think this could have been a very fun children’s tale had it been marketed and constructed differently, but forms an engaging enough film for teens.

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