A Hard Day ★★★★

"You're a good son; a very good son."

Detective Go Geon-soo is having a hard day, naturally. His wife filed for divorce. He's running late for his mother's funeral and gets distracted, causing him to run over and kill a person further ahead. He hides the body. At a DUI checkpoint, he freaks out and tries to brawl with every officer there. While this is happening, but somewhere else, his coworkers are being investigated for workplace embezzlement. He forgot the chocolate cake he promised for his daughter. His department is assigned to find the killer...of the man he killed. On top of all this, the sole witness to the crime is harassing and threatening him.

Fun day, right?

The first act is a little bit of a slog. Some funny lines, but nothing terribly exciting or worthwhile. Second act is where the tension picks up and spurts of action become more frequent. Detective and witness confront each other and play cat-and-mouse. Third act is pretty insane. Wildly unbelievable, yes, but it makes for some excellent twists and action sequences.

All the extremely positive reviews made me expect to love this. I didn't quite do that. The villain could've been stronger. Yeah, he planned ahead every time, but he never came off as truly menacing. The plot could've been a bit less cliche, but that's more of a nitpick.

However, I can't knock that splendid third act and can definitely recommend this one just off the strength of that. Wonderful ending too.

(Possible slight overrating, switched between 3.5 and 4.)

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