Saving Christmas

"This cannot be what God wants."

I don't think this is what anyone wants. Except for Kirk Cameron and his gigantic ego.

The new worst movie of 2014. Just when I think I've seen it all, another one magically appears.

The car scene in the trailer where Kirk and his friend are all "OH NOEZ, SEASON'S GREETINGS???!?!?!?"? That might as well just be the entire movie, because it damn near is. Oh here, let's hex the already uneducated into mindless drooling billy goats.

Even worse, that....montage (it isn't a scene because it dragggggggggggggggs) is where Christmas is "saved". Yes, really. A bullshit debate is what saved Christmas. Give me a break.

This movie so heavily lacks laughs that I believe I was actually able to take some back that I regretted from previous movies. Negative laughs, folks.

Then, there's a dance scene that also never fucking ends. It makes Kidz Bop videos look like poetry in motion.

Kirk Cameron is the reason why people take Christ OUT of Christmas.

If tripe like this is what's going to come out of the "careless Christian Carnival crap-palooza cruise" that Hollywood has been witnessing lately, then just let it die. Please. For everybody's sake.

Zero stars.

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