Parasite ★★★★★

decided to follow the hype and i must say i glad i did. the award won is very much deserved and its another masterpiece thriller/drama in my book.

it was really a wild ride watching this film. the title actually describes the theme of the plot perfectly. i liked most of the production design and its very pretty with what they did to the interior of the house, but that flooding scene was my favourite to look at. the emotions of the cast were captured very strongly and i actually wished i understood korean so that i could watch the performances better without having to look at subtitles. what's captivating here is the way it builds up the climax and tension that finally leads up to a satire twist of unexpected events. that ending was actually very powerful and sums up the message well. the added satire comedy is a nice cherry on the top too.

definitely watch this blind, its seriously unexpectedly dark.

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