Ambulance ★★★★

Michael Bay is just a phenomal craftsman. The way he introduces his characters (yes, they are two dimensional, but noone is better at building these shallow micro worlds around their heroes and villains). The dialogues that are shot like boxing matches. The over the top drone shots zooming through car chases and wreckage. The special effect hot badass lady that still somehow has believable heart.

This shit is breathtaking and electrifying. It really is. I started it almost too tired to sit through a full movie, I ended it amped up and wanting to watch another one right away. Bay just knows his stuff, hate him as much as you like. I can even forgive the fact that it seems like he's emulating a bit of Tony Scott here (and failing).

It's just unfortunate that he does not have an ounce of good taste, and Ambulance is no exception.

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