Clerks III

Clerks III ★★★★

I did not expect this, at all. I knew it was going to be silly and a bit adolescent and guilty-pleasure-y. And it was.

But I didn't expect to feel with Dante as much as I did, and to miss Becky almost as much as he did. Clerks III, just as II was behind all the blunt (pun intended) humor, is just such a heartfelt affair, so full of love for its crude cast of characters.

Plus, Smith somehow - I can't for the life of me figure out how - manages to make all of this look like it was shot from the hip, just like his debut was. His direction and his actors give every scene an unmistakable low-budget and almost amateurish look, with those reduced sets and hobby theatre level acting on display. And you know what? It just makes all of them seem even more genuine, especially later in the film when Smith turns the jokes on their heads and ventures into tragicomedy territory.

It is a somewhat weird movie, and I have not yet fully understood why it works as well as I did. But it's probably Smith's best since at least Clerks II, or maybe even since Chasing Amy.

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