End of Days

End of Days ★★

This movie has Miriam Margolyes beating up Arnold Schwarzenegger!

What's also kind of amazing is that Schwarzenegger exclusively wears clothes at least two sizes too large (yes, too large!), and that pretty much every inhabitant of New York is depicted as a satanist. And when I say "amazing", I don't necessarily mean good. Just kind of wonderful.

That's pretty much it with the remotely redeeming qualities (even the always likeable Robin Tunney was a tad exhausting with her doe-eyedness in this). Gabriel Byrne's Satan is such a weird caricature of a hammy action movie villain trying to be diabolically seductive, and his overly elaborate methods of killing people - peeing... gasoline and setting it on fire, really? - don't really help. And don't get me started on the absurdly senseless plot and the truly embarassing dialogue. At least Peter Hyams is competent enough to direct unspectacular but solid action, but just a sliver of the subtle satire he showed in his The Relic would have gone a long way here.

Anyway, very, very far from good and really just barely enjoyable, this whole thing.

But it has Miriam Margolyes beating up Arnold Schwarzenegger!