Identity ★★★½

I remember hating the twist back when this was initially released. I still knew (vaguely, but well enough) what was about to happen. And this time I could actually enjoy the careful setup. Identity is structured like a good magic show: It always shows you enough that you know that something is up, but not so much that the guessing game becomes distracting from the immediate action. Plus: Mangold beautifully avoids to dip your face in it, the more mysterious things happen at the edge of the frame or in between the action, at least until the final act. I guess now, when these kind of Identity twists are not as overused anymore as they were around its release window (following the success of Fight Club and Shyamalan's first hits), it may be a bit easier to enjoy the gleeful naivitée with which Mangold spins his little 90 minute illusion.