Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ★★★½

Yes, the center part doesn't always work and can't decide on a consistent direction, weirdly flexing between 00s bad CGI bonanza and the original retro pulp appael. And of course everyone keeps mocking the silly fridge. No argument there.

But so, so much of the other stuff is just still stellar Spielberg craftsmanship with excellent set pieces and a ton of charme. Especially the opening act (alright, fine, maybe except the fridge, but really only that), there are a number of close to perfect scenes just in these 20 minutes.

Yes, yes, the whole thing can't hold up against the other three plus the nostalgia associated with them, sure, but it is still so much better than its very undeserved way-too-bad reputation. I needed to rewatch this to calibrate my expectations for the new one. So now I think I'll be very much fine.

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