Malignant ★★★★

See, this is exactly why I also loved Aquaman. James Wan is very, very good when it comes to tell outrageous camp with a complete straight face and elevate it into something almost... elegant.

This one turns out to be an incredibly warm and loving hommage to late 80s/early 90s C-movie horror. You know, the kind where you can see every twist coming from a mile away, yet you are still excited to have the film explain everything to you, because it's told with such joyful naiveté. Plus, it's inventive at every turn, down to the wonderfully creepy stunt work for this Parcours Jason Vorhees.

In short: I had a blast.

Oh, and I love how Malignant - just like Aquaman - uses an outwardly chauvinistic plot and subverts it into a story about overbearing/abusive (pseudo-)masculinity. Do I really have to do a James Wan retrospective in 2022?

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