Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Resident Evil: Apocalypse ★½

Barely remembered it, but I do remember some of the successors to be at least better than this inept madness. I'm fine with the pulpy bullshit depiction of everything, the over the top (mis)understanding of what a videogame aesthetic was supposed to be about, the fantastically stupid plot. I knew all that and it was what I wanted to watch yesterday.

What I did not expect was a complete failure at basic craftsmanship for shooting action. I don't think a single punch or bullet connected in the frame, everything was just a flurry of rhythm-free cuts and blurry misframing of what was supposed to be happening, scored by a sound mix directly from hell that would make even Chris Nolan admit that this is just torture for the ears. It is a marvel that there were any more movies in this franchise after this.

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