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  • Treasure Planet

    Treasure Planet


    So many things... A literary and fantastical epic, riddled with earnest humanity, tinged by genuine consequences, and undaunted by the weight of its sprawling universe.Β The fact that this masterpiece lay dormant and dusty on the lowest shelf of the Disney catalogue will always wreck me. Perhaps we were just too young when we first saw it and let it sink unawares into the background noise of new-millennium CG adventures, turned over every two years by a newer, more expensive diversion…

  • Paddington



    Being an immigrant, this is one of my favorite immigrant films. Fueled by a dream, and rescued by the kindness nurtured in others. The world can learn a lot from this bear. Especially today.

    It might make you feel uncomfortable, it might take you to strange new places, it might make you sad and it might make your life much, much harder. But if good people are willing to fight for what is right, things can always get better. Don’t give up. Your voice matters. Use it.


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  • Inferno



    Honestly four stars is too much for this but watching it tonight def felt like a planets-aligning kinda moment. The generational schism combined with all the bombast of Armageddon hits different in the middle of a pandemic, esp when you live in Ground Zero, USA. It’s cheesy and kind of ugly and all over the place emotionally, but I also can’t describe how good it felt to see grown adults with entirely different world views and motivations working together and…

  • An American Tail

    An American Tail


    First half is a delightful and youthful perspective of historically European immigrant experience, leveraging all hope to cross the world in search of opportunity, and reframing each new misery as one step closer to the promise of prosperityΒ barely out of reach. Second half is a silly Disney cartoon with zero real-world priorities, and that’s just really unfortunate 😞

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  • Rosemary's Baby

    Rosemary's Baby


    Can you imagine living in that gorgeous, sprawling apartment, and still having to do laundry in the basement?!

    Ok seriously this movie freaked me the eff out. That scrabble scene had me hiding under the blanket just waiting for the letters to spell SATANΒ SIXSIXSIX πŸ™ˆ

  • Mulan



    Mulan (1998): girls can do anything boys can do.

    Mulan (2020): girls are superhuman witches.

    Working on this last year was a lot of fun. Watching it was work.