Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers ★★★★


Robert Heinlein‘s foray into glorified militarism earned him a lot of flack for a story depicting human exceptionalism fueled by warmongering xenophobia (in this case, space aliens). Only certain citizens can vote, the dissemination of military propaganda, “arachnids” and “bugs” used as racial epithets, etc etc. 

Enter Paul Verhoeven and Edward Neumeier in one of the most glorious “hold my beer” moments of cinema history. What we get is an epic science fiction satire that washes Star Trek utopia with some of the finest 1940’s war-era paranoia this side of of the 23rd century, and from the first five minutes of its runtime begs the question, if good will won’t take us to the stars, how about old fashioned revenge?

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