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  • L'Argent



    We fear death because we love life. 

    Do you expect a miracle? 
    I expect nothing. 

    “When I came out after watching Bresson’s film, I was in a state of enchantment so strange that I couldn't explain it to you. I was sitting and a leaf moved and I noticed that. My way of looking had changed. It was such a jolt for me. I thought this is a man who actually sees, and everyone else is creating drama. A car…

  • Mind of Clay

    Mind of Clay


    As I have said, when these three states are joined in one knot, that is the true form of experience. Film should be like that, where these three states coexist. Absolutely. They must stay together ... like Halwa! It has flour and sugar and ghee ... there are these three things, but the flavour of halwa is something different. Waking, sleep and dreaming - if they exist separately it does not really work, but when they are cooked together and…

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  • The Lusty Men

    The Lusty Men


    I’m a bad one to ask about money matters. Only way I could ever tell how much a thing was worth was by how bad I wanted it.

    Well some things you don’t do for the cash there is in it. Some things you do just for the buzz you get out of it.

    Just like dancing with a girl only you let him lead. 

    Let me give you one short piece of advice. When you sit down to a…

  • Youth Without Youth

    Youth Without Youth


    You learn more quickly, more profoundly, in sleep.

    So it’s come back to my old passion again, philosophy of religion? 
    Yes, for you it will always come back to that. 

    But you’ve attainted the freedom to accept or reject these new conditions, to use them to finish your life’s work, or not. 

    Actually it’s not a dream, I told her, but it takes part in the illusory nature of dreaming, because it is the future, therefore, of time. Now, time is par excellence unreal. I don’t believe I convinced her, but fortunately she’s enthusiastic in logic and dialectics and that’s mainly what we discussed.

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  • Spy Kids

    Spy Kids


    That one dude saying I snap my fingers, and my fingers snap you as literal fingers walk out is a top 10 film moment for me

  • The Suite Life Movie

    The Suite Life Movie


    Is this the best science fiction movie of all-time?