The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★★

Maybe the director's most visually compelling movie, it's also perhaps his most annoying, with all the usual pitfalls: nihilistic, arbitrary actions driving the plot of each little vignette in lazy directions, and 100 word quips that feel less clever than exhausting.

Structure wise, cutting from black and white to full color added nothing to the first story, so I was glad when he mostly did away with that the rest of the movie.

The second story scene at the military barracks was like an awesome play, as was the cartoon police chase in the third.

Ultimately, this would've worked much better as a silent film, or one without the torturous monologs from narrator and characters alike. Even though it got better towards the end, I was exhausted and didn't care to follow the contrived monologs by that point. Get this man a script editor ASAP!

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