Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★

It's only been a few days out since I've seen this and I'm having trouble collecting any memories I have of the movie, or what I should even put here. I know that the movie was long and my attention wasn't there for its entire duration. I remember getting annoyed with Snyder's continued use of that ugly colour palette. I know that the best part was that brief moment when Wonder Woman shows up accompanied by that kickass guitar score; the only moment in the movie to put a smile on my face.

Otherwise, I'm almost completely indifferent to this movie. It came with a lot of fanfare, and went with a lot of folks trying to argue its merits despite the vast majority finding it a bore. I'm not too invested in either argument; I'll likely forget everything about this in a months time and I doubt I'll ever watch it again. A shame really.

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