The Guest

The Guest ★★★★

A fucking blast, and it knows it. This is a genuine genre flick, with ample amounts of reverence for its 80s forebears. There's no hint of irony or self-referential mockery; it knows what it is and wants to be, and it fully commits to that. There are plenty of laughs sprinkled throughout, and the violence is often quick and brutal.

The tone and the score are the most important things here. They're so precise, and the score is utilized perfectly, often contrasting the violence with an ethereal melody floating over pulsating rhythms. The use of light and colour in the haunted house finale is stunning as well.

This was my introduction to Dan Stevens and goddamn is he good here. Without the film hinting at something more sinister just around the corner I would have been as taken with his charisma as Mr. and Mrs. Peterson. And this film and 'It Follows" are a hell of a way for Monroe to establish herself in the world of genre filmmaking.

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