Favorite films

  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • All About My Mother
  • Serial Mom

Recent activity

  • Good on Paper


  • Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage


  • Fear Street: 1978


  • Fear Street: 1994


Recent reviews

  • Psycho Beach Party

    Psycho Beach Party


    This movie introduced me to the creative genius and star that is Charles Busch. 

    Psycho Beach Party knows exactly what it is and you’re either game or it’s not your cup of tea.

  • Jesus Christ Superstar

    Jesus Christ Superstar


    The good: The framing device of the bus is brilliant. Carl Anderson and Yvonne Elliman are great. Barry Dennen’s Pontius Pilate strangely works because of how over the top it is. 

     The bad: The moments in the film without music kill it for me and it drags in places where it should just keep moving. What really bugs me is how quiet the score is while they’re singing. The film treats the score at times like it’s afraid of the music and what should sound like rock ‘n roll comes off as Gilbert and Sullivan.

Popular reviews

  • The Lion King

    The Lion King


    It should be nighttime during “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” That’s bad direction. It’s in the text! 

    With a few exceptions (Billy Eichner, Beyoncé, and John Oliver), I wasn’t crazy about the other performances from the cast. It’s a pretty movie and the CGI is impressive in parts but most of the musical numbers lack the joy, heart, and excitement of the original.

    It’s highly unlikely that these Disney remakes will have the ability to surpass the originals so…

  • Uncle Frank

    Uncle Frank


    Paul Bettany gives a good performance and the rest of the actors are perfectly cast but no one else shines like Peter Macdissi’s Wally/Wallid who makes the film worthwhile.