• Tokio Jokio

    Tokio Jokio


  • The Ducktators

    The Ducktators


    what a weird ass way to get people to buy bonds

  • Music


    Crazy how you can pack such limited portrayals of disability, addiction, and AIDS into one movie and still get nominated for a Golden Globe!! :/

  • The Big Shave

    The Big Shave

    Not a very helpful tutorial on shaving

  • The Landlord

    The Landlord

    I'm not doing so good Pearl

  • Canvas



    made me feel all warm and such

  • Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

    Ma Rainey's Black Bottom


    Chadwick Boseman is PHENOMENAL

  • Nomadland



    Already gotta watch this again

  • Tom & Jerry

    Tom & Jerry


    Love to see Colin Jost being so handsome

  • For All Mankind

    For All Mankind


    watched in anticipation of pokemon diamond and pearl remakes announcement

    edit: they announced TWO sinnoh games but they look like SHITE visually

  • The History of the Seattle Mariners

    The History of the Seattle Mariners


    I don't even watch baseball and now I’ve got a new favorite team!?!?

  • The Master

    The Master


    I think I’ve got that Freddie Quell posture 🥴