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  • Cross of Iron

    Cross of Iron


    An extremely intense and powerful use of Eisenstein style filmmaking that shows Peckinpahs immense artistic even later in his career. The film is incredibly powerful and difficult to watch but it proves to be along with Bridge on The River Kwai, and Thin Red Line some of the best filmmaking focusing on World War II.

  • Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

    Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry


    For such an interesting, rebellious, and radical man this film takes the most tame and overly respectful approach that failed to really move me, I certainly admire the man but the film failed to work really as a work of political filmmaking. Its approach is too much aimed in crowd pleasing.

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  • The Foreigner

    The Foreigner


    A first rate thriller full of great action and overall brilliant direction from a director whose an artist when it comes to the genre. Pierce Brosnan is extremely fun and entertaining. The film is a an all to rare example of a great thriller that rarely comes around in the mainstream nowadays. Jackie Chan who I am a huge admirer of puts in a brilliant performance not just with impressive fighting but with a subtle and haunting sadness that proves…

  • Marnie



    I give way too many films five stars. Maybe I should watch films I'll like less but this might be Hitchcocks most underrated if not his best film. Beautiful scores, sets, locations, and stars. A dark and disturbing story with some of his best direction I have seen. Tippi Hedren gives one of the greatest performances I have ever seen. Sean Connery is dark and dangerously macho.