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Kinda vapid, absolutely iconic.

If I was a film I'd be: Revenge of the Teenage Gorehound!

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  • The Old Dark House

    The Old Dark House


    Viewed for My Criterion Challenge 2021

    Spellbinding macabre, reflections of the human psyche as the line between man and monster is blurred. The old and the new, the shifting of times and transition of morals. Everything came to me as I watched The Old Dark House and for days after as I found it stewing in my mind. The darkness at play here is less a trick of the light and more a trick of the spirit.

    Really, I'm at…

  • Hellraiser



    Hellraiser is inextricably tied to its symbolism. As a horror classic it’s going to be analyzed through the common topics of genre theory: sexuality, violence, religious morality, bodily autonomy, etc. An exciting dynamic is the building deconstruction of the fear of perverse sexuality and the female lead’s confrontation with the abortion figure. These aspects alone make it a very progressive film politically and creatively.

    The evolution of horror’s conceptual estrangement with sanctity comes into play with the continual, extreme fetishistic…

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  • The Serpent

    The Serpent


    Netflix is no stranger to their morally thin melodramas on actual serial killings but this one really seems to miss its mark. Every scene is overly drawn out, filled with a ridiculous amount of false tension, and obnoxious editing which all contributes to making this a visual nightmare on par with actually dying in Thailand.

    They thought they'd be really cute, and charming with all their poor accents and language shifting but after the first couple episodes it really gets…

  • Piper



    I think it takes a special kind of wisdom to find the benefits of any traumatic event, the mind changes its perception of the world to cope, but it's truly these life altering changes which can allow us to see an entirely new perspective that revolutionizes the way society performs. Piper would never come across as bold and sweeping as I've put it yet there's the undeniable truth that from overcoming personal obstacles there will be an even greater reward in store for your future.

    Oh, and this is really nice to look at. Very pretty Pixar, A+

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  • Wolf Creek

    Wolf Creek


    Wearing its Texas Chain Saw Massacre influences on its sleeve, Wolf Creek manages to transforms the idyllic bushman identity, bestowed from Paul Hogan, into an experience closer to the misery of Wake in Fright.

    Well aware of horror conventions and classics, Wolf Creek manages to feel fresh and captured the 2000's gore zeitgeist excellently. Now, I can't say I'm a big fan of the exploitative elements here, but given the debased identity of this film I doubt it cares to…

  • Clueless



    I've never faced a problem in my life that watching Clueless didn't fix. I love this movie and it's in the upper echelons of my personal favorites, like, this movie gets me. The witty writing, intimate relationships and complex personal growth that occupies any struggle.

    Cool, smart, and a little silly, Clueless has something for everyone really.