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  • Survey Map of a Paradise Lost
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  • Gates of Hell, Zurich


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  • Mortuary of the Dead

    Mortuary of the Dead


  • Our Century

    Our Century

    time's runnin out. it took too long (this is an embarrassment). What happened there? A temporary moment of madness... but she isn't there? It hurts so much. I can't find anything to eat. Do you hear my cries? Mother, here I am! Drink from the left and right streams. The air is free to receive!


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  • Gates of Hell, Zurich

    Gates of Hell, Zurich


    She watches, and she waits. The door stays locked. She watches, and she waits. The air feels cold as she waits for her pot to boil. A flower pot. A pot of flowers. Do you remember the kitchenware at your grandparent's house? They've been discarded by now, the fine cutlery and vintage chinoiserie. None of it remains. Were you hoping to sell these one day? A cheap trick or a petty scam, gnarled feet, and wrinkled hands. They miss you. Do try to visit soon. You never seem to call. I'm surprised you even remember me.

  • Creep Van

    Creep Van


    Did you have fun? A summer spent without rain, bodies in the water, and children crawling up through the sand. Nets cast and caught on ribbon wire, dragging deeper, reaching undertow. There's breathing clearer now that the fog has gone. The air once sang, but the colors have long since died away. Birds hallowed, their shattered eggs the only remnant of Spring. Winter's come and gone, and with it, each friend. Not a follower in tow, on this path, a…

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  • I Like Life a Lot

    I Like Life a Lot


    This film is art in its purest form, speaking to innate humanity. The distancing of ourselves from our youths is essential to avoid the horrors of our self-hatred born from societal prejudice ingrained into our beliefs without our very acknowledgment.

    I cannot go beyond my time here; I can only sense vague reminders of the lives I never knew. For you to stand here tonight makes me the weakest sparrow within your palms. As the terrace creaks beneath your weight,…

  • Tumbling Doll of Flesh

    Tumbling Doll of Flesh


    The 1990s were difficult for the Japanese adult video industry. With an economic recession permeating the decade and the shifting of popular tastes, the studios were struggling to keep buyer interest. So, as the decade went on, more and more companies became raunchier and rougher, trying to offer more niches than ever before in the hopes of appealing to a prospective market that still had money to spend. This proliferation of taste is where Baroque's bloody place in the mondo…