The Art of Organized Noize

The Art of Organized Noize ★★★½

If you know anything about hip-hop, Southern hip-hop especially, you should already know who The Dungeon family is and what they did for Atlanta's rap scene. If not, this is the doc to watch, fan or not. It focuses solely on the brain trust, Organized Noize, that brought Outkast & Goodie Mobb as well as others to the forefront. Of course like most docs it chronicles the rise and fall, in its best moments it perfectly captures the creative genius of these artists, how their art came to life and influenced generations of artist to come.

Sidenotes: Loved seeing Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital & Kane Beatz showing love. But where the hell was Big KRIT? If anybody owes their sound to Organized Noize, it's him.

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