Police Story

Police Story ★★★★★

"I Trust All Of You, But I Can't Depend On You!"

Jackie Chan Badassery Meter: 100/100

I'm speechless! I don't think there has been a movie that can match the stunts performed in this film, with intricate stunt work that will leave you in awe and are just incredible and death-defying. Jackie Chan is his signature funny, goofy self here along with his blend of martial arts and prop fighting that is always enjoyable to watch. I did find a tad of the comedy distasteful, I mean let's be honest here, Yes! he's a brave cop, genius and dummy at times but he treats his girlfriend like crap.

The Craziest Police Story Ever Told.
After arresting crime boss Mr.Chu Tao (Chor Yuen) during a successful police sting that doesn't exactly go smoothly, Chan Ka-Kui (Jackie Chan) is ordered to protect Chu's secretary Selina Fong (Brigitte Lin) who he apprehended during the raid to testify against Chu but things don't exactly go to plan. Selina disappears, Chu is bailed out and Chan is framed, so Ka-Kui is forced to find and capture Chu to clear his name before he himself is arrested.

Overall Thoughts:
A wild, fast paced story with incredible, legendary stunts, fun lovin comedy and excellent fight choreography. Chan is also supported by a talented supporting cast with the likes of a young Maggie Cheung and already established actress Brigitte Lin who both do a great job. Chan's ability to direct is also quite underrated showing his promising talent as a director. Possibly Chan's Best Work Ever.

Memorable Moments/Scenes:
~ All The Stunts.
I found all the stunts incredible and insane, from Chan descending down wired lights and hanging off a bus with an umbrella to May taking a tumble down a stairway and Chan ramming a motorbike into someone , just incredible.

~ The Car Chase Downhill.
This had me laughing and astonished as Chan gets into a car chase with Mr.Chu and they felt the need to bulldoze through a village of buildings, this scene was crazy and left me amazed, nothing but chaos.

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