"Bergman said that although he had an idea of what the story meant, he would not share it because he felt that his audience should draw its own conclusions. He hoped the film would be felt rather than understood."

It would be incredibly foolish of me to even attempt to write about this film in any way not strictly rooted in technical aspects. All I can say is that this is likely the most beautifully shot film I've ever seen; there are plenty of films that have many sequences shot in a way that I love—Christopher Doyle's work with Wong Kar-wai comes to mind, as he's been my favorite DP since I discovered him—but this is the best complete visual experience overall, I think. It just about perfectly caters to how I like an image to look, all neatly tied up in my long-time favorite of 1.375:1, so I imagine this one won't be topped for a very long time – if that is somehow possible, then I cannot wait to find out what it is.

I really can't fault this film on any level of its craft. It's all so pristine.