The Favourite ★★★★

"As it turns out, I am capable of much unpleasantness."

While not quite knocking THE LOBSTER from my top spot of all his work, THE FAVOURITE certainly is an excellent addition to Lanthimos' filmography. I almost feel sorry for anyone who decided this would be their first foray into the bizarre world that is Yorgos' style.

I was somewhat torn whilst watching this film go through its marketing campaign in the run up to its release, as it felt like Lanthimos was almost being thrown into the world of "blockbuster" filmmaking rather than his usual more relatively "indie" approach with his previous work. Of course I am extremely happy to see the recognition and positive responses he's garnering for this great film, but it's always sad when something you love becomes more mainstream. I'm too pretentious.

THE FAVOURITE feels to me like a perfect pairing of the more personal, off-beat side of other Lanthimos films, blended with a more grandiose display of something like a Park Chan-wook film. Thankfully, both directors are in my top 5 of all time, so this comes as a very welcome combination. Colman delivers on every front and absolutely deserves all the praise she is receiving, but I also feel a little more appreciation deserves to go the way of Stone and Weisz for their superb accompanying roles.

The third act feels like it drags a touch, but every aspect of the technical side is great enough to keep carrying it forward. There's always something to focus your attention to, whether it be the incredible set and costume design, or the overtly extravagant cinematography, and it's a film you could easily watch twice in a row without it losing its appeal.

I'm not sure whether I lean more toward this or ROMA for Best Picture this year, but I would be absolutely content with either taking it home. What a spectacle Lanthimos has created, yet again.