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  • Sinister



    Eye-rollingly predictable, but apart from the goofy, black-metal-ass villain this is consistently well-executed. The super 8 stuff naturally works really well, (because super 8 is inherently creepy already), and the rest of the movie frequently seems to be going for almost Gordon Willis levels of deep shadow (which of course it never achieves because it's a digitally shot movie from 2012, so it ends up being either altogether too dark, or noticeably graded to look that way, but I appreciate…

  • In the Spirit

    In the Spirit


    Charmingly diffuse hangout in which Peter Falk plays me hunting for jobs during quarantine, and Elaine May and Marlo Thomas set up a bunch of Home Alone traps to catch a murderer.

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  • Tombs of the Blind Dead

    Tombs of the Blind Dead


    In recent years it's become clear to me that "molasses-slow doom vibe where shit gets way crazier and darker than expected for like ten minutes at the end" is one of my very favorite genres.

  • Phenomena



    Royally pissed off that I didn't watch this earlier. I guess I was always hesitant because "young girl solves mystery by psychically communicating with bugs" sounded stupid to me? Apparently it was me who was stupid.

    Has some of the gnarliest stuff I've seen from Argento, and uh...probably the best soundtrack of all time?